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독일에서 놀고 있는 동안 시간이 나서
프랑스의 한 자동차회사에서 주최하는 공모전에 참가하였는데...
결과는 꽝!ㅋㅋ
터키 친구인 오스만(Osman)에게 선물로 준다고 하니까 
여자친구 태울 수 없어서 마음에 들지 않는다고 거절당한 비운의 자동차.ㅠ

Description of Co+

Co+ is called "Co plus" and came from Concept/Connection/Collaboration.
The goal of design is to solve traffic problems by the fusion of
public & private transportations.

- Private mode (separate)
Co+ runs slowly on short street in complex downtown area.
In order to be adapted for the downtown it has the minimum volume
and use solar energy.

- Public mode (connected)
Co+ can also run as fast as the express train
when they are connected each other.
It is very efficient between cites(a downtown and a satellite city)
For example,
1step : Co+ communicate each other before departure.
2step : After departure Co+s which intend going in the same direction
            are connected each other automatically.
3step : They run fast on an express highway.
4step : They are separated, then they change to 'Private mode' in downtown.

Environmental awareness
- To minimize materials as result of the light & compact structure
- low energy consumption, solar energy

Social harmony
- Make a better future together!
  ('Public mode' is not available on only one Co+.)
- The front-opened door is equal to all human.

Interactive mobility
- Co+ always communicate each other for 'Public mode'.
- The rear lamp varies like an expressive face.

Economic efficiency
- To design for only one-person means that we don't need to run
  any more vacancies on the roads.
- 'Public mode' can be a solution to solve a traffic jam in MEGALOPOLIS.
- 'Public mode' enables drivers to save the time.

5th Peugeot Design Contest (2008)
3D-modeling(SolidWorks) & rendering


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    like this one
    nice design
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